President’s Message
Dato' Lee Tian Hock

Dato' Lee Tian Hock


It is with such a scenario that NSCMH Medical Centre is the first private hospital, to promise a unique approach to healthcare. By bringing together the very best in professional expertise and medical infrastructure, by making quality healthcare accessible to all, we’re setting the benchmark for health care in the region.

I am happy and glad to state that our team is moving into the 4th year since the hospital operating license was lifted on 21st January 2014. My vision is simple that is to build and maintain the trust, confidence, reliability and access that our patient seek. While trying to accomplish the goal, our hospital must remain financially viable during the challenging times. Our financial situation is now more stable; achieving operational balance almost every month and certain months more positive and these surplus funds are being reinvested in new medical equipment, upgrading facilities, paying contractors and their outstanding payments by instalments and staff increment and bonus. We have also had savings by managing our own staff inpatient medical benefits.

It has always been our policy to ensure healthcare is affordable to the community we serve. We make it a point that our prices are always 10% – 15% cheaper than the other players in the city and state. We subsidize most of our welfare patients for dialysis. We continue to provide financial aid and assistance to those who are not able to pay for their treatment and others being subsidized in the form of reduced consultation fees in the ER Outpatient Clinic. Since 2014, we have spent close to RM 2.8 Million in welfare subsidy and assistance.

Just after the lifting of the operating license, we started off with 7 Resident Consultants and today we have 15 Resident Consultants. Then with no Visiting Consultants but now we have 26 active and regular Visiting Consultants. In the pipeline are an additional 6 Clinics in the 3rd floor and some additional beds. Also we are exploring the potential of setting-up a dental clinic.

On-going upgrading works in the pipeline are Barium-Coating in the 2 Operating Theatres, a Digital X-Ray Room, the Ward Air-conditioning System and RO System for the Steam Sterilizers. Besides, we are investing in a new Digital X-Ray Machine with PACS and a C-Arm. We have invested with minimum costs in a new HIS.

Our doctors and nurses are transitioning from volume-based to value-based care. Working in multi-disciplinary teams and headed by some EXCO members, we have been examining every procedure and protocol to see if it can be done faster, better and more efficiently. From the operating room to the storeroom, we are finding ways to consolidate services, eliminate redundancy, standardize procurement, and improve the care and services we provide to patients, families and our fellow caregivers.