Cardiac CT Scan Package

Why It’s Done

Your doctor may suggest a Cardiac CT Scan to detect of narrowing of heart’s blood vessels :

  • If you have chest pain and intermediate pre-test probability of Coronary Artery Disease
  • If you have no heart symptom and low-to-moderate cardiovascular risk (High Cholesterol, High BP, Smoking, Etc ) but positive stress ECG
  • If you have Cardiomyopathy to exclude coronary disease
  • If you are suspected to have heart blood vessel anomalies
  • To access complex congenital heart disease 
Term and Condition

  • The hospital reserves the right to change the rates, services and facilities prior to notice
  • Kindly fasting 6-8 hours before test & can consume plain water only
  • Do not drink any caffeinated beverage prior to the test